Why Organic?

Cotton has always been the first clothing choice for newborns and babies. But when it comes to standard cotton and organic cotton, the stories are far different from each other.
Now some brands claim to be using organic cotton and then there are brands (we being one of them) who are certified organic.
What is certified organic?
The Global Textile Standards (GOTS) is the governing body that administers the certification process of organic cotton globally. GOTS ensures the organic status of textiles from the harvesting of the raw materials through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing to labeling, to provide credible assurances to the consumer. The standard covers the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trading, and distribution of all textiles made from at least certified organic natural fibres. 
Therefore when you purchase certified organic cotton, you are assured to get the purest and the premium quality of cotton which is as natural as the skin of your baby, and also you are not worried about being deceived in getting standard cotton in the name of organic, which unfortunately many companies do. 
What makes organic cotton different from standard cotton?
  • Organic cotton is grown without any the use of any harmful chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.
  • The dyes used in organic cotton clothes are free from bleaches and other chemicals which is responsible for skin allergies and eczema. 
  • Standard cotton has formaldehyde which is a cancer-causing agent, classified by the International Institute for Research on Cancer. 
Choosing the best for your little one.
No parents would knowingly, let their precious ones wrapped in chemical-laden clothes. Choosing organic is a mindful and conscious decision you take towards the betterment of your baby, yourself, and the environment.